How does CRYO FACIAL™ with LED work?

Exposing your face to a combined short cold treatment and longer LED treatment promotes a thermo-shock reaction followed by a soothing cellular treatment. During this process, the blood vessels retract and then expand where blood flow is accelerated, healing enzymes and ‘life supporting’ hormones are dispatched to the area of the body where the emergency is declared when cells receive thermo-shock. This can help to reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, boost collagen production and flush toxins from the skin. Thermo-shock can also kill everything that does not belong in the skin tissue – whether that be infection or disorders caused by bacteria, virus or fungus. LED light penetrates deep into the skin and may help to energize cells and stimulate the body’s natural processes to assist in building new proteins and regenerate cells.

Why would I choose CRYO FACIAL™ with LED at CRYO?

Safety is our highest priority. We use a CRYO FACIAL™ machine that treats with cooled air only, not vaporized liquid nitrogen. There is no risk of cold burns to the skin.
We are proud to have the safest and most technologically advanced CRYO FACIAL™ machine worldwide, the CTN XCRYO.
The air is electrically cooled to -20 degrees Celsius. Thermo-shock is achieved within the first 60 seconds of the treatment.

Can I have botox or fillers?

Cryo Facials are not recommended to those individuals who have received Botox injections within 48 hours or dermal fillers within 6 weeks.


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