Is XCRYO PAIN THERAPY safe if I'm pregnant or have other health conditions?

XCRYO Pain therapy is NOT recommended for women who are in their third trimester of pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Do NOT participate in cryotherapy if you have:
Reynaud’s disease
Blood disorders, related to blood coagulation
Sensitization and over-sensitivity to cold
Peripheral artery occlusive disease
Chronic venous insufficiency and post thrombotic conditions
Microvasculature dysfunctions during diabetes / diabetic foot
Skin anesthesia, paranesthesia, polyneuropathy
Serious anemia
Serious circulatory insufficiency
Open wounds

As part of your personal consultation before beginning treatment, we'll review your health status to help you determine whether treatments are appropriate for you. We also encourage you to discuss any planned cold treatment with your personal physician.

What do I need to do or wear before my treatment?

Clothes that allow easy access to the treatment areas area recommended. Avoid wearing any cosmetic products or lotions on your body before your session. 

How long is a pain management session?

A treatment session time may last 3-5 minutes. Appointment times vary depending on the specific area(s). One area is included in a treatment session. You can have several areas done in a session, but each area is charged seperately.

How can cryotherapy help my chronic skin condition?

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